Timbren Industries Active Off-Road Bumpstops


Active Off-Road Bumpstops. A key addition if you have a lifted 4Runner & spend time in 4lo on the trail. Call us crazy, but first read this.

Bumpstops, what are they? We get this question all the time, especially because we put so much emphasis on our Timbren Active Off-Road Bumpstops. Here is a little more info to help ya out!

Active Off-Road Bumpstops help you take control of your suspension travel. They’re designed with a progressive spring rate that can absorb the energy created when they “bottom out.” In other words, they allow for a smoother ride when they “bump” down on the axle.

We run them on every one of our Toyotas and install them on every build we do. We’d like to share our experience with you after having run them for over a year now. This review is a collaboration of 6 drivers, both 4Runners, Tacomas and FJ Cruisers.

Certain things stick out to us as usual, especially comparing them to our old stock bumpstops that are practically non existent. We run the newest model of these bumpstops, they’re cushiony, soft and compress significantly far which makes things all the more smooth. All while maintaining their form and doing the job. Immediately we have noticed the feeling of longer and softer compression and dampening. At times when our axle or LCA is at full articulation, we have noticed little to no “bottom-out” and the rebound or transition is shockingly smooth, with no bounce what so ever.

Big ruts on the trail, bumps and the occasional “send it” launch are nearly effortless! We wouldn’t recommend them if we didn’t use, abuse and trust them ourselves! We hope this is helpful if you are considering upgrading your 4Runner, the suspension or even just the Bumpstops. Thanks as always!

For any further questions don’t hesitate to email us! info@team4runner.com