The LED145, A Toolbox in your Pocket – Review


The LED145, A Toolbox in your Pocket

At $41.00, the LED145 is an excellent option for those looking to add a robust, functional multi-tool to their quiver. Compared to my previous EDC, a SOG Poweraccess ($49.00), the LED145 felt robust and of a much higher quality. Although it does not have a locking feature, each tool snaps into place and will not fold unless you truly want it to. Having dropped it countless times without issue, this multitool proved solid and for the price, is an excellent choice for the avid adventure seeker. It fits well in your pocket, feels solid in hand and comes ready to tackle whatever you throw at it. With such an affordable price tag, you’d expect the quality of the LED145

to be much lower than it truly is. I found it to withstand much more abuse than a lot of the “name brands” you hear of in the camping industry.

So, what complaints do I have about the FL30 and LED145? To be honest, there isn’t much not to like about Coast’s products. They’re affordable, extremely high quality and fill a gap in the market that other companies simply can’t touch. Prior to this review, I was not familiar with Coast Portland. Now, having had time to test a couple of their products over a few weeks, I can confidently say I’ll be adding more Coast products to my list of camping essentials!

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By Jacob Silverstein