Since the Nomadders flagship 4Runner needed off the grid utility with daily driver functionality we wanted to make sure our roof rack could support future roof top tents and light bars yet also provide us plenty of clearance for parking garages when we are not on expedition mode. This is what brought us to the Baja Rack Utility Rack.

We knew we could expect great products from BajaRack and in a year of use this rack has proven to be no exception. It came very well packaged and included everything we needed to get it mounted and installed. All hardware was stainless steel and individually packaged, as are all the brackets needed for the install. As you may have figured the rack installs to the stock locations so that part of the process is very effectively explained by the BajaRack instructions eliminating all the guesswork involved.

If you have aspirations of a roof top tent, or are looking for a low profile option, or just a great practical roof system that will allow you to haul things, this rack will suit the needs of just about everyone. We have used it on countless Home Depot supply runs. We have had both of us on the roof along with 100’s of pounds of gear and it handled the load far beyond the 300lb recommended rated capacity. It also features ample tie down spots.

For those of you with garages and dreams of larger lifts and tires, this rack is for you. It allows you to improve other aspects of your vehicle while enjoying the ability to use your garage. We are truly enjoying our Baja Rack and recommend it to you because we have no doubt you will enjoy as much as we have!