Hidden just outside the Marina district of Sparks, Nevada lies one of the upcoming power houses in the off road fabrication world.

I recently had the pleasure of spending the weekend with Relentless Off-Road Fabrication! Relentless for the past few years has specialized in creating some of the finest off road armor for Toyota enthusiasts all around the world.

A quaint shop, it becomes very apparent that the owner Eric and his wife Brittony have dedicated every aspect of their life to creating the best quality products for their customer.

From the second you open the door you are surrounded by the smell of torch on metal and the glow of a plasma cutter making templates for the days bumpers.  From that moment I knew it was going to be a special kind of weekend!

I was at relentless fab for one reason, to allow Eric to measure and create his first front bumper for the new 5th gen model of 4Runner. I knew it would be a cool experience but I was in for a treat!

Almost instantly I could see the wheels turning. I would find Eric staring at the front of my truck for what seemed like an hour as I wandered his shop shooting pics of all the other glorious metal sculptures called bumpers that adorn the walls.

What Eric does with metal is nothing short of art. The ability to create something so amazing and functional out of a sheet of steel, still to this day blows my mind. From nothing he began to formulate a plan of attack. This began with a quick cut of the plastic front bumper then off  the cutting table!

What Eric accomplished over a period of 2 days was nothing short of amazing. Fully forming an idea or a thought into a living and breathing piece of artistic wonder that now adorns the front of my rig.

I have now had the bumper for a little over a month, it has been far greater than I could have ever expected! Allowing a greater attack angle and a peace of mind when attempting a narrow rocky trail as I did this weekend, with the bumper, saving my fenders and headlight from an angry tree that seemed to jump out of nowhere.

Choosing Relentless over anyone else is an easy choice and one I will make again in the future. Their ability to create a premium product at the price they do while still allowing the customers own unique styles to be incorporated into the design is truly remarkable. If you are ever in the market for off road armor just remember these 7 words  “Relentless Fabrication is Overlanding USA Approved!”

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