The Nebo REDLINE OC 200 Lumen Flashlight – A Nomadders Review

Handy, lightweight, durable and BRIGHT, the newest member of the REDLINE series is the REDLINE OC. A powerful little flashlight that outputs 200 lumens of smooth pure white light. Although brightness is great, what makes the OC so special is the (Optimized Clarity) Technology. In combination with its convex lens, the OC Technology achieves optimized clarity with an equally dispersed beam of light while in flood mode. This improved technology provides the desired intensity of a 200-lumen light yet makes viewing easier on the eyes.

Even with the use of convex lenses, a typical flashlight will still have a “hot center” as well as some noticeable inconsistencies in the beam and/or halos outside of the light beam. The Redline OC eliminates all of that. In flood mode, the exterior of the light beam is just as intense as the center. When a light beam has a hot center, your attention is drawn to it. The beam produced by the OC makes it easier for your eyes to focus on the entire illuminated area. Plus we absolutely love the magnet on the rear of the light allowing for quick mounting on to metallic surfaces during moments when you need to use both your hands. These lights are an affordable necessity and we are very pleased with ours.

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