The Louisiana Land Krewesers (LLK) hosted another successful Mardi Krawl event. For the fourth year in a row, LLK displayed their hospitality, southern cuisine and knack for putting on a kick-ass event!

entranceThe four-day event began with a casual check-in day on Thursday. Attendees were greeted by LLK members who provided them with driver’s packages, a swag bag and instructions on check-in with the park. Trucks strolled in throughout the day, setting up camp and taking leisurely tours of the Hawk Pride Mountain grounds and entry level trails. Some, however, began the fun immediately and reported back to check-in with some early trail damage. That night, the LLK staff kicked off the celebrations with a campfire, beers and a delicious seafood gumbo.

jonas laughingThe next day laucnhed with a safety briefing, followed by trail assignments for guided runs, with the option for open wheeling.

crowdThe trail system opened up quickly with a steep decline to the open pavilion, where most trails meet. The fun continues immediately with a small crossing that proved to be the perfect photo-op for those interested in beginning or ending their trails with a splash!

chris trail 9This meeting area serves as a delta for various trails. Guided groups break off from here to explore the winding trails where we spotted the Atlanta 4Runners taking on some of the tougher trails. (see below)spencer climbOne of the highlights of the event was the obstacle course, carefully engineered by the LLK staff and driven in the wrong direction by one overexcited driver. The obstacle course was tricky enough to provide drivers with a challenge but short enough to keep all the vehicles moving quickly, providing a great show for the spectators. Throughout the race, there were a few close calls, some run-ins with the markers and plenty of dust as the rigs flew by, trying to beat the timer. Shown below is “Flexausurus Lex” from Southern Style Offroad equipped with Total Chaos upper and lower control arms and Radflo suspension.

mardi krawl obstacle courseThe evening continued with jambalaya dinner cooked by LLK’s very own chef, Nick Chevalier, and sponsored by Endless Horizon Outfitters. The servings were small but the taste was big and there was plenty to go around for seconds! Attendees were then invited to partake in night shots which ended with RuggedPix providing their signature steel wool night shots.

eho steelwoolThe next day, the day started early to arrange all the vehicles for the group picture. Due to the increased number of attendants, this turned out to be a more time-consuming process than in years past, and for those who had a little too much fun the night before, it turned out to be a little too early. Nonetheless, the line-up made for a great picture with various aerial shots provided by the RuggedPix drone. After the picture, attendees hit the trails once more and returned to the main pavilion at dinner for a Cajun red beans and rice dinner and the raffle.

mardikrawl 2016During the raffle, LLK President and Louisiana Army National Guard member, Danielle Delaney, announced that they raised more than $2,500 for the Louisiana Heroes Project—this year’s featured charity. To date, Mardi Krawl and its attendees have donated more than $7,000 to Louisiana charities through LLK’s fundraising efforts. The raffle continued with enticing prizes including free tickets to other off-roading events—a big plus—as well as prizes for all the kids.

Overall, the event turned out to be both unique and action packed! There’s plenty to look forward to heading into 2017 so mark Mardi Krawl on your calendar! To view more pictures of the event, click here.