Off road expeditions are ill advised with out the right tools. The Hi-lift jack can save an expedition. A rugged tool backed by 100 years of innovation, there is no wonder why every experienced rig has one. This jack is suited for all sorts of situations that require everything from lifting, pushing and pulling to clamping and winching.

Anyone who has every lifted their vehicle knows that with their new suspension traditional jacks simply cant get your wheels off the ground. The Hi-Lift jack is specifically designed in 42” 48” & 60” heights to suit your rig. Changing a tire on the trail is alot easier once you familiarize yourself with its operating parts and learn how to properly use the equipment.

Using the winching kit and you can easily hand winch yourself out of most stuck situations using the kits winch attachment, tree strap, D ring, shackle, and gloves. With a 7000 pound capacity it will lift, push, pull, hoist and clamp with equal effectiveness.

Hi-Lift jacks can be stored in different places. Many jeeps mount them on their hood, we have ours mounted on our baja rack. You can also store the jack on most front or rear steel bumpers. Just make sure you store your Hi-Lift jack in a secure place that will not come loose while out in the back country.

Clean off any dirt and grime from the Hi-Lift after trail rides and be sure to lubricate its working parts with WD40 periodically and it will keep performing for years to come.